UK & European Dobermann Breeders

Breeders if you want to advertise here please contact us only reputabile Dobermann breeders will be allowed on this site and we insist you do not vaccine for rabies untill puppies are over 14 weeks this protects our UK custoers from having their dogs taken into quarantine.

Here you will find info on the Dobermann Breeders in the UK & Europe please make sure when choosing your Doberman breeder you satisfy yourself about their breeding program,the care of their dogs & puppies.

Make sure they show you both Sire & Dam of the puppy you intend to purchase and make sure you see both parents test results if the breeder is unhelpfull or unwilling to show the health results of his breeding dogs do not purchase your new Dobermann puppy from that breeder.

Try and agree 50% payment once you have chosen your puppy and the remainder when he/she arrives to you this should not be a problem with reputabile breeders.

Strike up a good relationship with your chosen breeder but don't be afraid to ask questions if you are unsure about anything as there is no such thing as a stupid question and a decent helpfull breeder should answer your questions & concerns.

We do not have any association with any breeders in the UK or Europe and this site is intended to help you better understand the process in getting your new Dobermann.

We find the European Dobermann Breeder willing to crop the ears and dock the tails unlike the UK breeder so do you like your Doberman all natural or the cropped & docked look, it is your choice and don't let anyone put you off as you have to live with your new bundle of joy for many years to come.

So if you are a reputable Dobermann breeder advertise here or if you want to stud your Dobermann Dog get in touch