Importing from Europe

  1. Can i import from Europe

    Yes as long as the breeder has given the correct vaccines

  2. How long should the breeder wait after vaccination before importing

    No earlier than 21 days from rabies vaccination

  3. How old should my puppie be before getting rabies vaccination

    no younger than 14 weeks otherwise you run the risk of having your new dog quarantined so insist with your breeder not to vaccinate for rabies untill at least 14 weeks old

  4. Can i import a cropped & docked tail Doberman from Europe

    Yes certain countries like Russia,Germany,Hungary still do this procedure just make sure it's done by a registered vet in the country it was carried out in and is stamped on the pet passport

  5. Can you recommend a breeder

    We don't have any accociation with specific breeders but we do know of several we have dealt with in the past so give us a call or email us and we will access your needs and try and help as best we can

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General Doberman Questions

  1. Do you sell Dobermans

    No we do not but we can put you in touch with reputable breeders in the UK & Europe

  2. Dog or Bitch

    This in an intersting question,if you prefer easier trainable i suggest the bitch as the males are a little goofy but for sheer presence the males come out tops being larger & heavier

  3. Grass stains

    This is due to the ph in the dogs urine there is several products on the market allways research the product and try and go for a natural based product

  4. Cost of a Doberman

    This varies in the uk & europe but expect to pay from £850 upwards for a decent bloodline from a reputable breeder

  5. What Diet do you recommend

    RAW RAW RAW everytime its far better for your dog and the benefits are very noticable,clean teeth,fresher breath,shiny coat,less vet trips

  6. European vs Usa

    We at UK Dobermans prefer the European standard with cropped ears & docked tail but that's just our preference

  7. Are Dobermans suitable pets

    In our opinion most definitely as long as they are socialised and trained properly after all any dog is dangerous in the wrong hands but dobermans make great protectors and they will look after their pack

  8. Should i buy or rescue a Doberman

    This is a question you must ask yourself do you want to grow up with a puppy or do you want an older dog no matter which you choose love it like no other and you will have a great friend

  9. How long do Dobermans live for

    Look at our breeds page this will have all the info you need but average is approx 9 yrs up to 13 yrs if looked after well with a good diet and exercise